Kiln Building Update!

October 22, 2009

The MFA warehouse is close to having two new kilns!


The small catenary-arch test kiln – with new door.  Brittni & Mark stack the chimney.


The chimney is getting too tall for Mark & Karen to stack on foot.

P1010070On the other side of the kiln area, Josh and Mark level out a concrete base for the larger sprung-arch kiln.

P1010344The base & floor of the sprung-arch kiln.

P1010345UH-OH – we forgot to tie in the chimney & line it (and the burner ports) with hard brick. Re-stacking time.

P1010349Team chimney (Brit & Karen) custom makes bricks.


Team door/burner ports (Hailey, Mark, Stephen) custom makes bricks and gets creative on this day full of problem solving.


Now we’re talkin! The chimney are burner ports are finished and we quickly get past the first row lock.

P1010359The sprung-arch kiln is 14 bricks high, with two burner ports & four salt ports (two above the burner ports, two more on the sides).

Check back soon for pictures of the sprung-arch’s sprung-arch (roof).


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